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Ceramic Wall Cladding – Swisspearl Tiles

Ceramic Wall Cladding, Ceramic tiles

Saflow Ceramic Wall Cladding Swisspearl tiles

Saflow has partnered with worldwide leaders in coloration technology, façade and system competence for reinforced cement panels specially designed for rain-screen cladding applications.The appealing conceptual possibilities of a wide range of products, aspects and colours and the reliable long lasting façade solutions are famous nowadays.

All our products are completely tested for long term weathering and then only they are bought in the market. This products help an architect to bridge the gap between design concept and realization.

Saflow now offers the new generation and the unparalleled paragon standard for integrally coloured cement composite panels, available now in more than 30 shades. The monolithic material aspect with its delicate vein texture provides a fascinating and noble expression to buildings with special character.


Ceramic Wall Cladding Tiles

Saflow Ceramic Wall Cladding Swisspearl Tiles

Colored Cement composite panels

Saflow Colored Swisspearl Cement Tiles

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