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DMAX – Solid Aluminium Sheets


SAFLOW - PVDF Aluminium Cladding Sheet

SAFLOW – PVDF Aluminium Cladding Sheet

DMAX is a new high- performance Aluminium Sheet (PVDF) with a continuously applied liquid paint coating that is particularly suitable for modern architectural facades.

DMAX has been specifically developed to offer an effective reply to frequent requests for 2-3 mm thick “Panel Quality” sheet in SOILD ALUMINIUM to replace much thicker, commonly used aluminium/plastic composite panels. To make this possible, Otefal has installed a new dedicated production line that is capable of applying ultra-high performance PVDF coating to thick metal.

DMAX aluminium Sheet is the intelligent alternative to composite sheet compromise.PVDF -SOLID ALUMINIUM SHEET



ALLOYS UESD:  3005/3105/3003/5005/5754 (chemical composition in compliance with A.A)


PAINTABLE WIDTH:  800-1600 mm


THICKNESS: 0.25 to 3.00 mm

LENGTH: Coil or sheets up to 6000 mm, upon request


  • Perfect Flatness.
  • In Aluminium -Magnesium alloy, Series 5000.
  • Extra -Thick Solid Metal (2 to 3 mm Thickness).
  • PVDF coating applied in 2, 3, or 4 coats.
  • Available in innovative finishes: pastel, Metallic, iridescent and personalized.
  • Personalized packaging, so that the rolled section is immediately identifiable and provided with the utmost protection during transit and handling.
  • Through, Strict, certified quality controls throughout the production cycle
  • Very thick protective film, personalized with DMAX logo.
  • Delivery time: extra fast. Thanks to fast -track production planning and to the just-in time production & Delivery service.

Mirawall Pre-Coated Solid Aluminium Sheets

Aluminium Cladding Sheets

Saflow Pre-Coated Aluminium Cladding Sheets, Aluminium Composite Panels

Mirawall was the first continuous pre-painted rolled aluminium section using powder paints to be made and sold in Italy. Painted with very flexible special thermosetting resin-based powder paints, Mirawall can undergo any sort of processing keeping intact its original colour and with excellent resistance to mechanic deformation. Thanks to the protection of the aluminium support given by the paint, Mirawall can stand up to the worst weather and pollution without any sort of blistering. For these features and the excellent smooth and fault free surface, Mirawall rolled sections are constantly used in a wide range of building applications, from facade coatings to complementary parts for window and door frames. Mirawall is addressed to those seeking a safe and innovative material for interior coating and the design industry: a growing number of designers now choose Mirawall solid rolled aluminium sections in place of compound and thermoplastic materials, thanks to their total resistance to fire and, last but not least, the endless range of available colours. In fact, the Otefal Group now offers more than 500 finishes that can be customised to satisfy any sort of specific customer request: the complete range of RAL colours, the exclusive and limited Elegance range and the innovative metallic and speckled colours, all of which are continuously being updated to follow customer and market trends.

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