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Street furniture plays a vital role in helping create an attractive and coherent city center. SAFLOW believes that street furniture has the ability to be a potent symbol of a city’s character and a way of reinforcing its identity. To achieve all of this through rolling out one palette of street furniture through the entire city centre is not practical or a desirable solution.

The key objective should be to introduce a STYLE of outdoor street furniture that will act as the linking and unifying element throughout the city centre whilst still allowing the flexibility for innovation and variation where necessary. The aim of the street furniture should be that of COHERENCE rather than uniformity.

Our street scenes are greatly enriched by historic street furniture, which ranges from milestones to lamp posts, bollards to drinking fountains. But while roads are among the oldest features of the historic environment, they undergo constant change, leaving street furniture vulnerable to replacement or removal. Its sheer utility makes it sometimes overlooked. Humble as some structures might seem, their contribution to the public realm is often considerable, and ever greater respect is now accorded to the component parts of the street scene. Once common items are now getting rare. Signage’s and Street signs, Litter bins, Kiosks are now part of modern street furniture.



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